5. The most important FYC ad right now

  6. Wake me up when it’s Christmas 2012.

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  8. 6 Best Films of This Year (so far)

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    Trailer: SHAME (dir. Steve McQueen) 2011

    and finally Steve McQueen’s new film has a trailer! and it’s a good one. lots of running and thrusting and adjectives… the three crown jewels of any memorable trailer, really. this clip really does an effective job of capturing the film’s vibe and tortured energy, and on December 2nd i’d strongly encourage you to see what i mean.

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    That music score…

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  10. sylvysparrow:


    Would you just look at her?

    She embodies exquisiteness and magnificence and elegance and beauty and loveliness and everything. I absolutely adore her.

    lets not forget nice. she’s super polite & it only makes her even more of a favorite.

    When I saw her in Shame, I can’t believe that’s my Jenny. Totally different.

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    SHAME will be released in the U.S. on December 2nd, 2011!

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    Carey Mulligan in Shame (2011)

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