1. 8 miles. #bike #fixedgear (at Central Park New York City)

  2. Bertrand Bonello’s Saint Laurent

  3. Buster Keaton #jeffkoons (at Whitney Museum of American Art)

  4. #jeffkoons (at Whitney Museum of American Art)

  5. Yaaaaassss. All Tati’s films in one package. Gotta save up for that Nov sale. #DonationsAreWelcomedAndAppreciated

  6. Tarantino and Uma “hire me” Thurman at Cannes closing ceremony red carpet.

  7. Team Mommy

  8. In the end, we spend our lives alone, all alone. 

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    Vivre Sa Vie, 1962 dir. Jean Luc Godard

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    More Serena stills

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  12. when I go to the movie theatre

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    Frances Ha (2013) | Directed by Noah Baumbach 

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